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Fish Window Cleaning with Danica LaFaire

EP #11: Fish Window Cleaning with Danica LaFaire

March 21, 20242 min read

Our mission is to provide year-round growth-focused employment while keeping Northwest Florida beautiful, delivering excellent service, and being positive community stewards.

When we started looking into owning a business to serve the Emerald Coast, it was important to us that our family company would help our community. We live in paradise and truly want to help keep it that way. It was also important to us that we provided year-round employment and focused on growing our team members, not just for our business, but for their next chapter too.

Window cleaning for us means more than just ‘clean’ windows. We help our business clients make first impressions with their customers and potential customers – we help our businesses grow. Window shopping? No problem, you can see right in. Gazing at the Gulf over lunch, that’s perfect, we’re here to make sure it’s an HD view. Clean windows are a part of the overall experience locals and guests receive when visiting our clients.

We do homes too! Whether it’s maintenance to ensure the salty air isn’t breaking down the window seals faster or scrubbing off that green pollen from our wonderful palms. We love making homes and vacation homes shine too. We’ve learned over time, few people really think “Man those windows are clean,” but they REALLY notice when they’re dirty -- because nothing takes away from a gorgeous view faster.

Our family and team are so grateful for the opportunities we have within this community; will continue to give back by proudly supporting the Semper Fi and America’s Fund, and providing service to community drivers such as Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce, United Way Emerald Coast, Path of Grace and more.

Thank you for making this a beautiful place to live, inside and out.

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  • At Fish Window Cleaning we believe in:
    • Fairness, Kindness, and Respect
    • Choosing a Positive Attitude
    • Doing the Right Thing
    • Creating Wow Moments

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